Grappa Ayn


The Nero d’Avola grappa AYN is the result from the skillful distillation of Siclys and Curma marc. The name AYN come sfrom “Ayn-Al-Awquat”, “source of hours”, the arabic name of donnalucata, which in turn is the seaside town of Scicli near which the company is located.

Worthy companion for the end of the meal or intense meditation, AYN surprises for its fascinating and elegant bouquet that inebriates the nose and continue to pleasantly surprise your palate with the velvety and intense heat that radiates. The full and harmonious feeling that is felt is certainly helped by a generous 45 degree alcohol content that definitely enhances the enjoyment.

The distillation of pomace is not made in-house but entrusted to the skill of the Giovi company in Valdina near Messina. The skins are drained and not pressed, stored away from the air to prevent oxidation and then sent to the distillery. The high-proof grappa (about 76-78°) from the distillation rest until spring when it is diluted with pure spring water of Peloritani mounts and then bottled.