The vines are planted at a density of around 4400 plants per hectare using a cultivation system based on spurred cords. The number of buds per plant is limited in order to get a production of grapes lower than 75-80 q/ha

Currently, the vineyards produced and managed by the company are located in two different terroir “marine” and “hilly”.

The “marine” terroir boasts proximity to the sea, which creates a favorable climate with daily maximum temperatures during the period august-september on average not exceeding 35°C, with a change in temperature between day and night of 15-16 °C:

Curma vineyard on sandy soil with a background of tufa, which ends in the sea.
Fumaria vineyard on calcareous soil, poor, shallow and with a background in tufa.
Filippa vineyard on calcareous soil, deep, medium textured.

The “hilly” terroir, next to the valley Irminio, enjoys a continued presence of breezes and mitigating influence of the sea, and for that reason in addition to nero d'avola we started planting in 2009 the white muscat (moscato bianco):

Romito vineyard on calcareous, medium textured, deep, facing northwest.
Fossa Stabile vineyard on highly calcareous soil, poor, shallow, exposed to the east.